P R O C O N S U L T   I N T E R N A T I O N A L

Audit and Assurance

Financial statements audit

Thorough examination of financial records to ensure accuracy, compliance, and integrity, providing assurance to stakeholders.

Agreed upon procedures report

Performance of an agreed-upon procedures engagement in accordance with relevant standards.

Special audits

Customized audits tailored to specific needs, circumstances, or areas of concern, offering detailed insights and recommendations.

Statutory certifications

Official verification and endorsement of compliance with statutory regulations and requirements, ensuring legal obligations are met

Assurance engagement other then audit or reviews of historical financial information

Comprehensive assessment and validation of various non-financial information, processes, or systems, offering stakeholders confidence beyond traditional.

Forensic audit

We offer meticulous forensic audits to uncover financial discrepancies, fraud, and irregularities, safeguarding your organization's integrity and assets.

Due diligence

Comprehensive due diligence services to assess risks, evaluate opportunities, and ensure informed decision-making during transactions or investments.

Compliance audit

Conducting rigorous compliance audits to verify adherence to regulatory standards and internal policies, mitigating risks and promoting organizational integrity.

Operational audit

Streamlined operational audits optimize efficiency and performance, enhancing organizational effectiveness.

Performance audit

Performance audits optimize operations, identifying efficiencies and enhancing organizational effectiveness.

Quality assurance review

Quality assurance reviews ensure standards are met, maintaining excellence in products and services.

Social compliance audit

Social compliance audits verify ethical practices, ensuring corporate responsibility and societal impact.

Review of prospective financial information

Thorough review of future financial projections for accuracy and reliability, informing strategic decision-making.

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