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M Wisal Khan LLB

M Wisal Khan LLB ( Co-Founder, Head of Legal Services)

Meet Mr. Wisal Khan: Experienced Lawyer in Banking, Finance, and Corporate Matters


Mr. Wisal Khan is a seasoned lawyer with over 20 years of experience in banking and finance, corporate, and commercial matters. His extensive expertise spans various areas, including Aviation, Corporate, Commercial, Islamic Banking, Conventional Finance, and Labour & Employment.


Since 1998, Mr. Wisal has been actively practicing law in Pakistan, and since 2004, he has expanded his practice to Afghanistan. He brings a wealth of experience in corporate advisory to international clients, specializing in foreign investment, securitization, regulatory compliance, and legislative drafting in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.


Mr. Wisal's expertise extends to Corporate & Civil litigation, Merger & Acquisitions, Telecommunication laws, and arbitration. He also has specialized knowledge in aircraft financing, aircraft registration, aircraft leasing, and aircraft mortgage registration in compliance with the Cape Town Convention.


With a track record of providing comprehensive legal counsel to clients across diverse sectors, Mr. Wisal Khan is dedicated to delivering effective solutions and strategic guidance in complex legal matters related to banking, finance, and corporate affairs.